Q. How conductive is your rubber?
A. Very. Although showing a resistance of  325 Ohms over an 18" (450mm) length the voltage drop is zero.  
Q. How do I connect it to my device?
A. We supply rubber tube that has an i/d of 1.75mm which will take the standard 2mm Tens pin snugly, or an i/d of 3.75mm which         will take a 4mm banana plug snugly.      
Our 4mm tube will fit inside the larger 6.5mm tube so can be used to take a Tens pin but still use the comfort of a thinner walled tube.  
Q. Can I glue conductive rubber?
A. Not an easy task - There are a few specialist adhesives available, but quite expensive. A mechanical joint would be the easiest.      
The best place for information on this and any aspect of Estim is the newsgroup http://www.smartstim.com   
Q. Do I need to use a conductive gel?
A.  This is a personal choice, we suggest you do. Conductive rubber seems to give a softer ride than a metal electrode or the blue bands that are sold by some suppliers which definitely require a gel.
Some folk say they do not need a gel  with  rubber electrodes.  
PLEASE NOTE;   Silicon based products can degrade the rubber causing a loss in conductivity.  
Q. Can I clean my conductive rubber?
A. You can wash with anti-bacterial soap, even autoclave conductive rubber or run it through the dish washer.  
Q. how stretchy is conductive rubber?
A. Not very. Because of the carbon content it will not be as elastic as normal silicon rubber. It should be handled carefully and care     
should be taken to avoid knicking or cutting it as a tear could occur.
With care your CR will give years of use.

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